Monday, May 21, 2012

Talented Tuesday- My Dancing Grandma, Shirley Krueger Morse



“My birthday came in July, and in September I was allowed to take ballet from Lillian Breskin Schiller. Her parents ran a store on Franklin St. a few blocks from our shoe store. There were only a handful of us taking the lessons, but I was in heaven. When recital time came, we danced special dances we had been practicing for a long time. I remember that first recital when our class of four hatched out of eggs as chickens and danced a cute dance. The girls were Marian Lindeman, Marguerite Paul and Delphine Loy. I was so proud that my mother who never made clothes was able to make that chicken costume with the help of the other mothers. I looked rather cute, I thought.”


“I began dancing lessons at 4 years of age and once won 3rd place in a Charleston contest--partly because I was 3rd smallest in the show at the contest held at the Tivoli. When I was six years old, I entered a Charleston contest helKruegerShirley05d at the Tivoli. My teacher taught me a special combination and I did a cute dance to "Ain't She Sweet", and did get a prize for it. It was one whole dollar! Later I even helped my teacher, now Florence Leggett--teach classes--especially ballroom dancing.”



MorseShirleyPlays05“I showed my Mothers' Chorus of McKinley School dances for skits at Carnival Time shows. Also, I taught dances for the Temple Beth-El Follies and other organizations. I never made money, but did use my talent and up until I was 64 years old, I have taken Tap and Jazz lessons. My favorite thing to do has seen me through the years with pleasure for me.”


Thanks for teaching me how to dance Grandma.


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Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

What a nice story. I love that you have photos of her favorite hobby throughout the years.

Jen A said...

Thanks Heather! Yes, I love the pics of Grandma dancing... and she wrote about it consistently in her biography of her life. I'm quite lucky!

Lisa said...

What wonderful pictures showing your grandmother doing what she so obviously enjoys! So glad you have these.

Jana Iverson Last said...

Your grandmother sounds like she was so much fun! Those pictures are great.

Unknown said...

Lovely story, and great photos.